Ana Karina Zatarain

Ana Karina Zatarain is a freelance writer based in Mexico City. She has written about architecture, design, and art and is especially interested in the ways creative thinking can shape and transform societies.

A hotel magnate’s brutalist base in Mexico City has us green with envy

A peculiar house rises above the green panorama of vine-covered walls that hide the mansions of Mexico City’s upscale Las Lomas neighbourhood. Restored by renowned Mexican architect Alberto Kalach, the building stands four storeys tall and appears to be a small apartment complex, though in reality it is a one-bedroom, modern-day bachelor pad. The brutalist 1970s property had been abandoned for years before it was purchased by Moisés Micha in 2014.

Asking Male Architects: How Would Your Career Be Different Today If You Were a Woman?

The term “women in architecture” yields about 330 million Google search results in a fraction of a second. Myriad awards, surveys, and panels—all dedicated to this subject—suggest that it is widely understood in the profession as an issue worth addressing. It is worth examining, however, which structures are actually being challenged and, especially, who is being confronted.

BIG Changes on the Horizon for Bjarke Ingels and His Firm

“The greatest thing about being an architect,” pronounced Bjarke Ingels, “is that you build buildings.” The audience at the world premiere of the highly anticipated documentary film, BIG TIME, snickered at the seemingly obvious statement. But Ingels, ever the showman, explained himself: by building buildings, architects occupy the unique position of being able to add to the built environment the “most unlikely combinations,” which, ultimately, shape the world “just because [they] thought it.”

A Real-Estate Development and Culture Company Has Created an Exhibition Highlighting the Need to "Fight for Beauty"

“Beauty,” as Umberto Eco tells it, “has never been absolute and immutable but has taken on different aspects depending on the historical period and the country.” So how is beauty defined today in our increasingly globalized world? Perhaps a more interesting question to ask is whether arriving at such a conclusion remains relevant to our society.

12 Exhibition Design Projects that Show Architecture Doesn't Have to Be Permanent to Be Powerful

Thinking broadly of architecture, the masterpieces of the past inevitably come to mind; buildings constructed to withstand the passage of time, that have found an ally in age, cementing themselves in the history of humanity. Permanence, however, is a hefty weight to bear and architecture that is, due to its program, ephemeral should not be cast aside as "lesser-than."

Los arquitectos debemos retomar el diseño de espacios de juego infantil

Conservar la ambigüedad de los juegos infantiles en los espacios públicos de nuestras ciudades es importante no sólo desde un punto de vista estético. Los espacios públicos recreativos para niños y niñas deben cumplir un propósito que vaya más allá del ocio; deben ser espacios para explorar y subvertir, que exijan la creatividad de sus usuarios y funcionen como escenarios de aprendizaje.

The Architectural League reconoce a Comunal Taller de Arquitectura, Fernanda Canales y Luis Aldrete como Voces Emergentes de la arquitectura americana

The Architectural League of New York es un foro independiente de arquitectura que busca "estimular pensamiento y debate acerca de los aspectos críticos de diseño y arquitectura de nuestros tiempos." Cada año, mediante el concurso 'Emerging Voices', o 'Voces Emergentes', reconocen el trabajo de diversas prácticas arquitectónicas de Norteamérica que tienen el potencial de influenciar positivamente la manera en la que se piensa y construye la arquitectura en nuestro continente.

Arquitectura sin el peso de la permanencia: 10 proyectos museográficos diseñados por oficinas mexicanas

Al pensar ampliamente en la arquitectura, aparecen inevitablemente algunas obras maestras del pasado; edificios construidos para resistir el paso del tiempo, aquellos que en los años han encontrado un aliado, cimentándose en la historia de la humanidad. Sin embargo, la permanencia es un fuerte peso que soportar, y la arquitectura que por su programa es efímera no debe desecharse como menos importante.